Although it is the most recent department at EXEMPLOS, it has more than 15 years of proven experience in the market. We use our lacquering for the finishing on pieces in our metalworking, carpentry, glass working and more.


We prioritize quality.

All kinds of furniture, parts and accessories needed for the project are painted, varnished or lacquered in our headquarters. At EXEMPLOS, we have a primer booth and a finishing booth, which allows us to keep a quality consistency throughout the project and the years to come.

Excellence finishes.

One of the great advantages that we offer to our clients is the reproduction of the finishing on different pieces, no matter what the hiatus of production is between them. The guarantee of us applying the exact same color is something that our clients appreciate and something that assures the continuity of the visual look of their commercial spaces.

A portfolio with different projects in several areas.

  • Commercial Spaces
  • Medical Clinics
  • Residences
  • Restaurant Spaces
  • Kiosks/Stands

Kiosks and stands commercial spaces

From shopping malls to high street stores, the portfolio is wide.


A growing market, in which EXEMPLOS says we can do it.

Clinics and homes

In the most demanding projects, our work speaks for itself.

A solution for each of your problems.