Engineering and design

We consider that engineering is the brain behind of all construction and we guide ourselves with a set of norms that allow us to execute whatever is required with maximum quality. After comprehending every space functionality, quality and aesthetics take place.


Predict the unpredictable.

All the projects that we work on go through our engineering team. Our standard of performance helps us anticipate and correct any problems in the project, always preserving the vision of the architects and clients.

Aware professionals from the beginning to the end of the project.

With our focus on anticipating any problems and with the personal support from our team, we have developed a plan of action that ensures the completion of any project. This plan starts with:

  • Delegating the supervision and coordination of the project
  • Project inspection
  • Final survey
  • Creating personalized systems adjusted to any clie

Planned and designed to the very last detail.

Quality and aesthetics are two of the most relevant variables on the client’s minds, but the specificities of the residence, work and/or leisure spaces also affect the way these spaces are designed.

Focused on the identity and particularity of each costumer.

Work and/or shopping spaces, usually, try to answer briefings that combine creativity, productivity and the ability to impact the consumer, without compromising the identity of each client. On the other hand, the housing spaces have different demands where the comfort, aesthetics and family space optimization are the most important concerns.

For every scenario, our action plan starts with:

  • Preliminary study
  • Final project presentation
  • Plan of execution
  • Development of personalized and specific furnishes for each project
  • Furniture development
  • Space consulting and planning.

A portfolio with different projects in several areas.

  • Commercial spaces
  • Clinics
  • Homes
  • Restaurants
  • Kiosk/Stands

Kiosks and stands commercial spaces

From shopping malls to high street stores, the portfolio is wide.


A growing market, in which EXEMPLOS says we can do it.

Clinics and homes

In the most demanding projects, our work speaks for itself.

A solution for each of your problems.