Electrical and lighting

Light has a determinant role in the way we experience any space and, for that reason, a successful project implies a thorough analysis, considering the functionality-aesthetics combo. We provide lighting consulting to our clients.


Customer support for a successful project.

We provide lighting consulting through the following exercises:

  • Defining lighting purposes
  • Combination of the different light sources (natural and artificial) and the suitable luminairies
  • Calculating the amount of luminairies needed and its placement
  • Calculating the economic viability
Iluminação e Eletricidade

Services that follow the evolution of our days.

The evolution in electricity brought numerous advantages for society and that is a heavy heritage, but that motivates us and determines the safety and quality standards with which we deliver our job. The accumulated experience has consolidated our services of complete electrical installation.

A portfolio with different projects in several areas.

  • Conceiving and renovating electrical installations
  • Building and altering the electrical boards
  • Installing and replacing lamps and spotlights
  • Lighting studies

Kiosks and stands commercial spaces

From shopping malls to high street stores, the portfolio is wide.


A growing market, in which EXEMPLOS says we can do it.

Clinics and homes

In the most demanding projects, our work speaks for itself.

A solution for each of your problems.