O ato de construir é tão antigo como a necessidade da humanidade em ter abrigo e segurança. Nos dias de hoje, embora esses fatores continuem a ser importantes, não são os únicos relevantes. É impossível, por exemplo, desligarmos a construção da estética, havendo inclusivamente edifícios que denominamos por verdadeiras obras de arte devido à sua beleza.



We combine functionality with the beauty of each space.

At EXEMPLOS, we develop and build interior remodeling of housing and commercial spaces. Both have their own identity and construction guidelines.

Teams focused on every project particularity.

Our creative and technical teams begin the process of prospecting, planning and designing the space, always with a personalized approach, focusing on every project particularity. Due to the experience and constant training provided to our technical team, the acquired knowledge is put into action on a variety of activities.

A portfolio with different projects in several areas.

  • Plasteboard structures
  • Pavement application and flattening
  • Demolitions
  • Paint jobs
  • Others

Kiosks and stands commercial spaces

From shopping malls to high street stores, the portfolio is wide.


A growing market, in which EXEMPLOS says we can do it.

Clinics and homes

In the most demanding projects, our work speaks for itself.

A solution for each of your problems.